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wow_experiment's Journal

Social Experiment
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a social experiment in the game of world of warcraft
So... I tend to play a lot of Warcrack.
I run a guild... and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one pulling strings or trying to get anyone to do ANYthing!

Sooo.... I got to wondering... What would happen if I created a guild with the sole purpose of leaving it entirely on it's own.
Soo... Because blizzard insists a guild must have at least 5 ranks I named them all 'Member.

Anyone can invite, Anyone can promote, Anyone can change guild notes... and see/change Officer notes.

No one can demote, and No one can guild kick. For the sole reason that if One member decides to be an Asshole and kick everyone.... it kinda screws over the experiment.

I decided to make one horde guild and one alliance guild... and we'll see which one does better.

Welcome to the experiment!