Alliance Side
Guild Leader:  Wowscientist
                             Draenei Priest
Guild Name: <Social Experiment>
 Server:  Stonemaul

Sooo far I'd have to say Horde is winning.  There's more people in the guild, including higher levels, and people actually talk in guild chat.
It could be that we made the horde guild first and were just more enthusiastic about it.... at this point it's hard to tell.

Am levelling a DK on the ally SE to get money for a tabard... I guess I'll try to recruit more people tomorrow...  To get the ball rolling.... gotta recruit about 20 people like I did for Horde side then we can really start comparing.  :D

Altho.... there was a level 80 on this server that helped sign the guild charter..... he didn't stay of course ;)

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Guild Leader:  Wowscientist
                            Blood Elf Priest lvl 5
Guild Name: <Social Experiment
Horde Server:  Stormreaver

So far I've been getting nothing but compliments on my character's name and the guild name.  And actually we've got a few mid-low levels that joined up.  No one demanded payment for the signature... and my friend and I rolled DK's to make quick easy money to buy a guild tabard.  We've got mostly newbies and I'm sure some noobs in the guild.  But so far everything seems to be going really well.

But this is just day 1 of the horde side.  So stay tuned to find out what happens!!


So... I tend to play a lot of Warcrack.
I run a guild... and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one pulling strings or trying to get anyone to do ANYthing!

Sooo.... I got to wondering...  What would happen if I created a guild with the sole purpose of leaving it entirely on it's own.
Soo... Because blizzard insists a guild must have at least 5 ranks I named them all 'Member.

Anyone can invite, Anyone can promote, Anyone can change guild notes... and see/change Officer notes.

No one can demote, and No one can guild kick.  For the sole reason that if One member decides to be an Asshole and kick everyone.... it kinda screws over the experiment.

I decided to make one horde guild and one alliance guild... and we'll see which one does better. 

Welcome to the experiment!

I made this a community so LJ wow players could join the guilds if they so desired and write stories of what happens when they are online.


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